Project Management

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  1. Project Cycle Management
  2. Applied and the Practice of Project Management
  3. Fundamentals and Basics of Project Managements
  4. Project Analysis Design, and Implementation
  5. Policy, Planning and Evaluation
  6. Applying Theory of Change and Logical Framework Approach for Project Design and Sustainability
  7. Project Implementation, Supervision and Monitoring
  8. Project Management for Managers and Non-Project Managers
  9. Project Negotiation and Contract Management
  10. Participatory Project Planning and Appreciative Inquiry
  11. Strategic Project Leadership and Management
  12. Project Procurement, Bidding and Contract Management
  13. Resource Mobilization, Fund Raising and Sustainable Project Financing
  14. Project Designing, Fund Raising and Grant Writing
  15. Resource Mobilization Business Development
  16. GIS for Project Management